Saturday December 14th 2019

ARIES- week of 12/12-12/18


on the heels of the eclipse portal your ruler mars squares the nodes, bringing certain situations in your life to a crisis or to a head.  with mars in your 6th house of work and health, issues may crop up that relate to your day to day work, your well being and the organization in your life (or lack thereof).  if these areas of life are out of balance or not attended to you need to take notice and take action to restructure them.  luckily you have until july to so do because your ruler will stay in virgo until july due to his retrograde in late january.  mercury stations direct in your 9th house of Higher Self on tuesday, activating the degree that the solar eclipse fell at.  aha moments, insights and sudden shifts are possible when it comes to your spiritual understanding and your vision of the Bigger Picture.  significant conversation and communication can be had this week- so keep your eyes/ears open!  the week ends with venus, the ruler of your house of relationships, square to saturn in the same house.  issues can crop up in relationships and financial situations.  if so it is best to deal with reality and figure out if you can restructure something or if it needs to be let go of all together.  this is only a testing point- it’s not a make or break it aspect- so attend to the details and the foundation now so that later you have something to build on.

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