Tuesday April 13th 2021

ARIES- week of 11/21-11/27

the eclipse portal opens this week on thanksgiving with mercury going retrograde that day before in your 9th house of spiritual and philosophical understanding, education, travel and connection to your Higher Self.  this can make for an interesting dynamic of new beginnings aligned with a more internal process that seems more about clearing out/endings than it does about new beginnings.  you are set to embark on a new path when it comes to your beliefs, your vision, and your connection to that part of yourSelf that resides beyond.  this can involve new studies of some kind, foreign travel, or just an intense inner journey that has you expanding your inner boundaries like no other time before.  yet mercury is also retrograde in this same house and he rules the south node of karma and the past which is traveling in your 3rd house of mind, communication and thinking.  mercury is asking you to rethink your thoughts, your ideas, your way of viewing the world around you.  the south node can pull us into old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve us- whereas the north node is asking us to grow and evolve into new territory.  right now you are being asked to move beyond the mind into faith, beyond the intellect to spiritual awareness, beyond your backyard to the global and even cosmic playing field.  as you shift your awareness your ability to see more of the Big Picture expands.  ultimately this eclipse portal is asking you to open your mind- and part of that necessitates losing your mind so that new information can come through.  it should be an interesting holiday season for you, no?  ;)

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