Thursday July 9th 2020

ARIES- week of 10/3-10/9

with uranus in your sign helping you make drastic changes in your life and liberate yourself from your past and pluto in your 10th house of career transforming your purpose and public position- you’d think you have enough going on. but this month the real focus is on your relationships- those intimate, one-on-one connections and commitments you have with significant others (as well as the personal side of business partnerships). you are being taught really important lessons about what it means to commit, stay the path, work through issues instead of run and build a foundation. the aries in you might balk at the idea of interdependence- but the well-being of other people in your life is integrally connected to your own and it would serve you well to keep that in mind as you make important decisions in your life. at the end of the week the ruler of your 7th house of relationship makes some really beautiful aspects to neptune and chiron- bringing romance, beauty and/or deepening of partnership that makes everything you are going through worth it. you are learning to let Love in- from others but most importantly from yourself- and that is a good thing :)

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