Saturday October 24th 2020

AQUARIUS- week of 7/16-7/22

with mars in your house of Higher Self activating the uranus/pluto square this week you can bet your bottom dollar that the evolutionary changes and shifts going on in your life can all boil down to your Soul’s need for something Higher to be coming in.  with pluto in your 12th house of the Unconscious and uranus in your 3rd house of communication a big piece for you right now is to get clear on what your inner voice is saying and then write it down.  maybe it’s just a journal or maybe it’s a book you are working on- but you have a lot coming in right now that needs to be expressed.  with jupiter in your house of creativity and self-expression you are not at a loss for ideas all you need to do is work on the discipline.  saturn is also in your 9th house and he will only be there for a couple more months so make use of his grounding, masterful energies.  who knows- maybe publishing/speaking/teaching is around the corner for you???

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