Friday September 25th 2020

AQUARIUS- week of 2/20-2/26


a new moon in your money house is a good thing- but because you have pisces, the most non-materialistic sign, in your money house- there is a need to address the spiritual/material balance in your world (or lack thereof).  neptune and chiron are with this new moon- so looking at any illusions, delusions or self-deception you have around money and your values, and dealing with old wounds around self-worth is really key if you want to open up to more abundance.  this journey will unfold over the coming decade, but this week you can find yourself taking the first step.  make sure your direction is the one you want to be following for the coming years.  on thursday mercury in this same house opposes retrograde mars in your 8th house of intimacy and shared resources- bringing up a need to have intense and perhaps conflictual communication with certain others about money, sexuality and how they are related.  again, it’s all tied up in your self-worth, so if you get clear on that FIRST then the talks will come naturally and speaking your Truth will be a breeze.  on friday the ruler of your house of relationship cojoins chiron, the wounded healer, again in your money house.  money wounds are intimately tied up with relationship stuff- and it again all relates to self-worth.  do i sound redundant?  the source of all the issues lies in this very important area of life right now.  the moment you start shifting the energy here- everything else outside of yourself will change.

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