Monday March 8th 2021

AQUARIUS- week of 12/9-12/15

your 11th house of friendship and community (the aquarius house!) is very active this week, bringing focus to your social interactions with others. with mercury in your 11th house activating the uranus/pluto square you have opportunities for revolutionary, evolutionary connections as well as radical openings and opportunities to pursue your greatest hopes and dreams! on tuesday mercury squares chiron, bringing focus to old wounds and pain surfacing around self-worth, finances and friendship. friends and/or money (or both) have been a theme of late and this aspect supports the furthering journey around clarity of boundaries and healthy interdependence, rather than codependence. luckily a very sweet aspect between jupiter and saturn supports us all midweek. jupiter is in your 6th house of work, service and health and he trines saturn in your 10th house of career and life purpose. with the two teacher/growth/mastery planets aligned in earth houses in your chart- you are supported in getting clear on your mission and what you need to do day to day to get yourself to realize your dreams. hard work certainly pays off- but jupiter/saturn ensures that it can also be fun! the weekend looks to be a bit fiery as mars in your 9th house of Higher Self goes head to head with neptune and saturn. on friday mars/neptune can bring lack of clarity around finances or even worse denial or deception around financial realities. a positive attitude is one thing, but the law of attraction is not implemented solely for our material gain. the spiritual has to be there to back things up- and more importantly it has to underly everything and be the foundation upon which things are being built. mars/saturn on saturday can be a checkpoint for you to see if your career aspirations are aligned with your Higher Self’s goals. seeing where you need to be more aligned, re-align or perhaps just keep on plugging away can be the focus- so pay attention and take notes! with touch mars energy we’d all do well to be kind with ourselves and others. knowing how to balance that libra niceness with mars’ assertiveness is a lesson right now- and you can work to find that balance this weekend!

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