Tuesday April 13th 2021

AQUARIUS- week of 1/14-1/20

all the activity of late has been playing out in your 12th house of the Unconscious, making for some powerful dreams and intuition but perhaps also bringing up nebulous fears and karmic patterns that need to be cleared out and let go of in some way. this week venus and juno in this most hidden house align with pluto- helping you to see your own shadow in powerful and perhaps anxiety-producing ways. if you see anything that does not sit well with you- the best thing you can do is own it. if you see the shadow as outside of you, as someone else/something else visiting you and torturing you- you give your own power away. the first part of this week is best spent in contemplation and introspection. by week’s end the sun and mercury will move into your sign, effectively rebirthing you and commencing a new yearly cycle for you (also known as your birth month). your coming out phase is coming soon- don’t jump the gun and try to escape for the interior process has completed itself.

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