Monday September 28th 2020

AQUARIUS- week of 11/23-11/29

the big event this week for you personally and also for the world is the saturn/neptune square. not only is it exact this week (on thursday- thanksgiving for those who celebrate) but we also have 4 of the 5 personal planets triggering saturn and neptune (mars, mercury, full moon and sun). venus is not involved in the activation but she does link up with uranus and chiron at the start of the week- so ALL the personal planets are undergoing intense outer planet activation, which is a challenge to rise out of the personal/limited egoic perspective and get a Bigger Picture awareness of what is going in your personal life but also in the world around you. i will say- it is not a lighthearted easy going week at all. yet the potential to find bridges between dreams and reality, the material world and the spiritual world, what IS and what can be is definitely present. in order to be able to find and use that potential we have to be willing to have one foot in both worlds. watch out for defaulting to either end of the spectrum this week. too much neptune and you are checking out, turning to addictions, lying to yourself and others and/or in complete denial of the shadow playing out within and without. too much saturn and you are cynical, shut down, seeing only what is wrong not what is also right, unable to dream or have any sense of vision and full of negativity, judgement and criticism. by themselves these planets can be extreme but bring them together in a creative way and they can actually inform each other. neptune can help saturn see beyond the limitations of physical existence and can even mystically awaken him. saturn can help neptune ground and stay connected to the body and earth so that the visions and dreams he has can actually be anchored into 3d reality. keep that in mind this week as you navigate it with care and consciousness!

with saturn in your 11th house of friendship and community (the aquarius house!) and neptune in your 2nd house of money, values and self-worth- there is a push pull energy playing out for you this week and over the next year between your hopes and dreams and your values, between your affiliations with others and your own understanding of your worth. saturn in the 11th brings a pruning energy to your associations and connections- forcing you to let go of what does not help you grow. neptune in your 2nd can bring a lot of idealism around the material world- and it’s great for making money via creative or spiritual means. yet it’s not so grounded or practical and can create issues dealing with money if you are not being masterful and integrous in your financial dealings. with saturn ruling your 12th there’s something karmic around this square- with a need to look at where your own fears of restriction, limitation or rules makes you do things that at times go against your own moral compass. the full moon on wednesday Lights up your 5th house of passion, self-expression and fun- reminding you that overdoing this area of your life can cost you, but cutting yourself of from it so you can just focus on work, work, work is also not balanced. be willing to question what you Love, what you desire and what is most important to you. you may think you know the answers to these questions but if you look at your practical life you may see a very different current running. the point of this astrology is to get the outer to align with the inner, not the other way around.

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