Thursday March 4th 2021

AQUARIUS- week of 11/21-11/27

with a solar eclipse this week in your 11th house- the aquarius house- you are being supported by the Universe in starting a new path when it comes to friendships and your connection to community.  as the only uranus-ruled sign you are very much tuned into your social connection and it’s these important friendships and community connections that keep your world fun and positive!  this eclipse is helping you to align with people and groups who are on the same wavelength and who hold the same frequency- so that you can grow and expand in consciousness rather than get pulled down into density as you may have done in the past.  as mercury stations retrograde in this same house the day before you are being asked to rethink, review, revise and rework your friendship connections- some of which will necessitate letting go of certain connections from the past.  as you do this you make space for the new people who are waiting in the wings to support you, love you and treat you with the respect you deserve!  the rest of this year is well aspected in doing this purging and clearing out work so that you can start the new year of 2012 off on a new foot!  they say that if you keep company with chickens you will never be able to fly like an eagle.  seek out the eagles, the owls and the phoenixes and find your own inner leadership/wisdom and ability to transform come to life before your very eyes.

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