Sunday January 24th 2021

AQUARIUS- week of 12/15-12/21

the 6th uranus/pluto square may be done (it was exact on sunday the 14th) but over the next couple of weeks venus, mercury and the sun trigger them- so the frequency of change and evolution, breakdowns and breakthroughs is not over yet! because uranus is your ruling planet, you are intimately tied into the cycles of change, death and rebirth that uranus and pluto bring. this week’s new moon in capricorn falls in the same house that pluto has been traversing since 2008- helping you to start a brand new cycle in your life in relationship to your fears, your shadow, your karmas and your liberation. as one of the freedom-loving signs, having capricorn in your 12th house points to Unconscious fears of aversions to stability, security and foundations that endure. you may THINK you want more grounding in your life- but when you do start to anchor into something long term (be it a relationship, a home, a career, etc…)- can you see how all kinds of fears of claustrophobia arise and sometimes unconsciously cause you to act out? sunday’s new moon is a great time to set intentions around what you are ready to anchor into- materially, spiritually or relationally. with the ruling planet of this lunation (saturn) about to move into a new sign next week- part of the lessons and opportunities for mastery that tie into this new moon involve a shift from work/career/life purpose to friends/community/collaboration with others. the last few years have seen you focus on work at the expense of a lot else. being a workaholic is not balanced- so in the coming couple of years it will be time to reconnect with society and remember that you are not an island and that attaining career goals is not the only path to happiness! on saturday venus cojoins pluto and squares your stationary ruler uranus who is set to go direct on sunday! this wild card energy can unearth dreams you didn’t know you had, but also deep fears you didn’t know existed (or ones you thought you had already dealt with). with uranus as your ruling planet dominating the sky- stay open to new ideas, new information coming in and/or sudden realizations that totally and radically alter your life (or you perception of it!). it’s definitely not a complacent, boring week astrologically speaking ;) with a new moon and new season turning at the same time- what you set into motion this weekend will take you into the next month AND the next season. so think wisely, intend consciously- and pay attention to that Inner Voice who guides you. the revelations incoming can be life altering and profound. but you have to have ears to hear and eyes to see- or you could miss out!

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