Wednesday December 1st 2021

i am so excited for the revealing of my new website design on october 27th 2014 and i wanted to dedicate a page to the people whose efforts went into making it so amazing!

first of all, i would like to thank rory mccracken at rory mccracken. his vision, creativity, costumer service and willingness to go the extra mile created a new design that i am over the moon about! rory is an amazing web developer and especially gifted when it comes to creating cosmic-type sites that vibe really well with spirituality and astrology. so if you are in need of new web design or a new website to be built- consider contacting him!

i also want to thank z’ev ben shimon halevi for lending me the use of his beautiful zodiac wheel image entitled ‘the cosmic clock’. you can find this image on the cover of his book ‘kabbalah and astrology’. i just happened upon this man’s work and ordered the book- it looks amazing! he is a prolific writer on the topic of the kabbalah- so if this is of interest to you check him out :)

i also want to thank sam savage at for lending me the use of his image of the fixed star sirius (which has been altered to twinkle and move by my developer rory). thank you so much for letting me use your image of a star in the sky that is closest to my heart!

i cannot forget to thank my dear friend eric willis, who helped to design and create my first website and who got me to write my first horoscope column! he also helped me come up with the name divine harmony for my website (my real name is harmony- he came up with divine). thank you so much for your friendship- this lifetime and dimension as well as those beyond.

thank you to all the beings- seen and unseen- who contributed to this rebirthing project! i am very grateful- and very excited to share my new website with you!

many blessings…

~divine harmony